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Will be complete really soon :3

This is a complete list of what’s in my setup, that I use everyday. Including tools and apps that I use both as an engineering student and for leisure

I made this page coz I was inspired by wesbos/awesome-uses repository on GitHub, see also uses.tech.


I had my first laptop sometime around 2015, and I’ve been tinkering and playing around with tech stuff since.

These are my current hardware setup:


  • Apple MacBook Air (Retina 13-inch, 2018)
  • Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max
  • Apple iPad Pro (2018)

  • Samsung T5 SSD (My favorite semiconductor)
  • Nintendo Switch :3


I use a lot of different pens, but the ones that I love are from Muji, they make one of the best looking and easy to use pens and paper out there. I also use Lamy AL-star (Oceanblue) and Safari (Mango 2020) as my everyday ballpoint related writing.

Fountain Pens

I may have the messiest handwriting you’ll ever see, but I also loves calligraphy. I might do a Fountain pen review later maybe hehe

  • Lamy Studio (Brushed, Fine nib)
  • Lamy Safari (Mango 2020, Extra-fine nib)
  • Platinum Plaisir (PIKACHU Edition, 03 nib)
  • Waterman Allure (Blue, Fine nib)
  • Muji Fountain Pen


  • Muji Weekly Planner
  • Muji Wirebound (A5, Dotted)


Write something here

Global Services & Apps

Google One

I store everything here.



Something something

My favorite artists are Ricky Montgomery, BANNERS, Kodaline, Philippe Jaroussky, Yo-Yo Ma, The Midnight, Friday Pilot Club

Here are some of my own playlists and my favorite albums:






Apple Notes

I have switched between over 5+ note apps over the year, but for a really good reason, I keep coming back to Apple Notes

Other Global Apps

  • Discord for hanging out with my friends
  • Apple Books Apple’s native .epub reader 👌
  • Reeder 5 for all of my RSS needs, been using it since Reeder 4
  • iA Writer to write in markdown, alongside Apple Notes
  • PCalc is my favorite digital scientific calculator
  • Spark to manage my emails


Visual Studio Code

I tried a lot of different text editors, but nothing feels as intuitive as VSCode for me.


Other MacOS Apps





I have been doodling since a little kid and Procreate is everything I’ve ever want in a drawing app.



Stuff that I don’t use anymore

Maybe because I found a better alternative

  • Evernote and half a dozen other note taking apps
  • GoodNotes 5

If you have any question, feel free to hit me up on twitter :3